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BHS is proud to be named the gold champion of First Global Robotic Challenges 2022!




After the success of this competition, Team Belize has had the opportunity to participate in more rigorous challenges such as First Robotics Challenge. Additionally, they have received significant recognition from Colleges and the Belizean government!


The FIRST Global Challenge is a yearly Olympics-style robotics competition organized by the International First Committee Association. It promotes STEM education and careers for youth and is massively recognized by top colleges around the world.

In October, Belize welcomed back their representing team from the FIRST Global Challenge in Geneva, Switzerland. The gold medals that team members Justin Zhou, Benny He, Jaden Chen, Melysa Choi, and Tristian Bradley under the mentorship of Mr. Godfrey Sosa, Mr. Liang, Mr. Silva, Mr. Carrillo, and Mrs. Usher. 



The FIRST LEGO League Challenge is an international competition organized by FIRST for elementary and middle school students. Each year in August, FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams are introduced to a scientific and real-world challenge for teams to focus and research on. This competition aims to inspire young children to use their creativity to innovate and design real word applications to STEM.


         Coding Olympiad
         Caribbean Science Foundation

This year, Team Belize High School was awarded the Gold Medal in international Coding Olympiad hosted by the Caribbean Science Foundation. This team invented an app that provided organized information regarding public transportation to the public, in order to ameliorate the issues that arise due to disorganization and lack of knowledge with public transportation and boost the usage of these services in Belize. 

PUC Web Development Competition

More information coming soon. 

Government Cyber Safety Competition

Belize welcomes home their first place Winners of a government induced Cyber safety app building competition. The goal of this competition was to build an app that promotes cyber safety and teaches the public how to stay cyber safe. As winners of this competitions, Team Belize High School will continue to develop this app along side the ministry of education, culture, science, and technology. 

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