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Global Engagement

First Global Challenge

The FIRST Global Challenge invites BHS to send a team to compete in the robotics
Olympics, which takes place in a different nation each year. Themed around the most
significant challenges facing our planet, including the 14 Grand Challenges of
Engineering identified by the National Academy of Engineering, each year a different
challenge takes center stage to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve the world’s problems. The challenges we face as a global society need to be solved, and the next generation can meet the task together. Mentors are from the BHS IT Department and the Team Manager is the Principal. 


Students are presented with simulations of OAS member states. Students use online
platforms to interact with peers discussing the country trends, human aspects,
environmental issues to develop innovative solutions and strategies to improve the
situation as the OAS representative. Registration takes place the second Friday in
May of each school year.
2021 Virtual Program: Washington, D.C.

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Global Classroom Project

Global Classroom Project provides opportunities for students to collaborate with
peers from around the world on authentic tasks and challenges through a variety of
learning opportunities. Students will also develop the knowledge, skills, and
behaviors to be able to engage in collective action towards issues on the local and
global levels. Students learn the attributes of a BHS graduate and utilize these skills
as they work with peers from around the globe.

Digital Cultural Exchange Program

This program is an initiative to promote cultural exchange among
teachers and students from Prepa Tech in Mexico and students and
teachers from Belize High School. Students will engage in fun activities
related to academic content, intercultural communication or culture, and
other students’ interests.

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