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This is our High School Academics section, which contains our full course catalog as well as graduation requirements and information on unique opportunities for Belize High School


Science Majors

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

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Information Technology Majors

  • Networking

  • Database Management Systems

  • Algorithms & Programming

  • IT Physics (Senior)

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Business Majors

  • Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship & Management

  • Principles of Business

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Humanities Majors

  • Social Studies

  • Caribbean Geography

  • Human & Social Biology

Graduation Requirements

Obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.
Passed at least 35 credit hours for each semester enrolled (passing credits must include the core subjects: English, Math, Literature, Foreign Language, and Information Technology).

All students must earn a minimum of 50 credits. Each credit comprises the
successful completing of a full year’s course. In addition, a minimum of 25
hours of community service per semester (grade 9-12) is also required.

  •  8 semesters of English Language

  •  8 semesters of Mathematics

  •  7 semesters of Information Technology

  •  6 semesters of English Literature

  •  6 semesters of Foreign Language (must include Spanish);
    two semesters in Freshman year or two semesters in Sophomore year and two semesters in Junior year or two semesters in Senior year.

Major Requirements

From three subjects within a concentration, two must be passed each semester. Students must pass three of the four semesters in each of the concentration subjects in order to graduate.

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