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Transfer Policy

Transfer Student Procedures

All transfer students must fully complete the transfer student application with supporting documents in order to be considered.


Transcript grades provided will be entered into the BHS Planning guide as a means of admissions, but grades will not be absorbed. Students will be accepted into the grade they qualify for based on the academic report. Students in academic deficit after the review may qualify to sit a placement exam.


All transfer students must sign an academic and behavior contract before the first day of school. Academic probation consists of:

  • Must pass with a GPA no lower than 2.0.

  • Must pass thirty-five (35) credit hours.

  • Must pass 3 of the 3 semesters offered in the track during junior and senior year.

  • Must meet subject requirements of the contract by midterm of the fall semester; otherwise will be subject to repeat the year.

Financial Obiligations

Application Fees for Transfer students: $45.00

Placement Fee: $800.00

Monthly Tuition Fee: $330.00

Transfer Report Form
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