Covid-19 Updates

Prevention Measures

To minimize the spread of any respiratory virus (including things like the flu/influenza and COVID-19), Health and Community Services recommends the following:

Maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from others wherever possible.

Wear a mask when distancing is not possible

Washing your hands often, for at least 20 seconds

Avoiding contact with people who are sick
Practicing proper cough and sneeze etiquette

School Update in Regards to Covid-19

I welcome you all to a new academic year 2020-2021! You must be missing your regular school life.          In fact, do know that we miss you as much as you all miss school, your teachers, and your friends.

Our formal teaching will begin online on August 24th, through to December 11th, 2020.

Until the face-to-face instruction can happen safely, we will be available to you through “eLearning,” with individual Subject Google Classrooms, as your primary learning management system.

This type of learning is something new for some of you. In our day to day life, we frequently go 
online to get a variety of information on various subjects, project work, or assignments.

However, we had never relied on completely learning from e-platforms prior to our first experience in March 2020. The challenges we experienced have evolved us to learn varied strategies to take this crisis “head-on,” with improved policies, procedures, and guidelines. Our learning cannot stop; learning has no boundaries.We learn from our actions, events, and experiences.