Extra Curricular Activities Offered

I.T. Club

In this club students learn the basics of robotics and programming. They are taught how to code and pilot our M-Bot Robots, build circuits and basic systems with Arduino, and even get the opportunity to participate in events such as Raspberry Pi Competitions and the First Global Robotics Challenge.

Music Club

This club is open to both students who are musically inclined or beginners alike to come together to practice their musical arts. With instructions from our music teachers, they will create songs and have the opportunity to practice and learn instruments and share their work with others.

Health & Fitness Club

In this club, students will play different sports, learn essentials to a healthy body and lifestyle. They will practice different sports drills to improve areas of fitness, and proper routines to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

Interact Club

In this club, students will organize events, plan community betterment program and have access to ample community service opportunities. The interact club serves as an entry simulation to the Rotaract club, teaching them selfless habits and allowing the students to better their community.