History of BHS

In 2009, fifteen years after opening the Belize Elementary School, the Board of Governors sought to explore and develop the concept of a new high school. In 2010, The school was located at the University of the West Indies Open Campus facility on Princess Margaret Drive, Belize City during its first year. In 2011, Belize High School had moved to the same campus as Belize Elementary School.

Academic Advising

Belize High School employs an academic counsellor. Roles:

  • Assist in identifying junior colleges, college universities that fit individual student needs and participate in the admission process.

  • Fulfilling college requirements (student curriculum vitae)

  • Empower and guide students thought the year, keeping goals at the forefront.

  • Assist with seeking financial aid and scholarships available to students at tertiary level.

  • Organize career day and guest speakers.

  • Facilitate visits from college representatives and/or arrange tours abroad for students.

  • Aid the student with arranging external exams, CXCs, SATs, etc.